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Lutte / short film animation

Short film
Supported by the Swiss Federal Office of Culture.
Produced by DOK MOBILE
In development


Lutte is a battle led by a group of people through their moving bodies to preserve space from disappearing.nes à travers leurs corps en mouvement afin de préserver l’espace de sa disparition.


In a lush forest, an individual wanders peacefully. Immersed in nature, they observe the flora that surround them, when suddenly they come face to face with an absolute void, with the clear limits of the moving environment. From this void, nothingness expands like molten lava spreading over nature, destroying everything in its path. The protagonist tries to escape this phenomenon by any means necessary, but to no avail; they get caught up in it and find themselves weightless in the void, the darkness. This is followed by a series of encounters in which the characters struggle against the disappearance of nature. Lutte is a story in which bodies explore ways of coming together to restore the environment.