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LimitsVR / VR

VR installation
Produced by Tell me the Story and Dark Euphoria
Supported by Cinéforom and the Swiss Federal Office of Culture
In development


In a gallery that exhibits fragments of a forest as works of art, the user is invited to a visit that is in turn odd, ironic, poetic and disturbing, in which her or his position as a spectator will be radically disturbed.


In an immersive exhibition where fragments of a forest are displayed, two ecosystems interact, and sometimes clash: on the one hand, that of nature, with its fauna and flora, and on the other, that of a museum space with its spectators, its protocols, its rules and its staff. In this context, the user is enjoined to navigate between the two ecosystems and to embody a double role, passing in turn from the position of the viewer to that of the observed. This invitation to live the museum experience by transgressing the limits traditionally imposed leads the user to discover a series of poetic, ironic, disquieting and spectacular narrative tableaux, and to question at the end of her or his journey, their relationship with nature and its mise en spectacle. By being projected inside the museum, the user will be able to truly measure the impact of the meeting of the two ecosystems.